Parents, We Want to Hear About Your Child’s Special Sports Moment!!

14 Jun

We would love to do a news blast on your child’s success in their sport!   If your little one was recognized or had a special moment in their sport and would like to share it with us here at Bouncing Bunch we would love to hear about it!   Your child will be encouraged to read about his success while earning a chance to win their choice of The Bouncing Bunch!

This is what Matt’s mother said,


Matt stole the ball from the opposing team, dribbled it down the field, and passed off to his teammate, Brad, who scored a goal for the Wildcats.  

Great Job Matt!

Matt read the post and was very encouraged to play his best and the next week played another great game!  

We want to hear your story!  We need to motivate our little guys and gals to be the best they can be, so please, post away!!  

At the end of August we will pick two winners to receive a Bouncing Bunch character of their choice!!  

Keep your eye on the blog towards the end of August to see who is announced as the winner so you can email us your contact and shipping information!

We can’t wait to hear from you!!!


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