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How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?

27 Feb

How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?.

How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?

26 Feb

Hi Sports Fanatics,

we are trying to get feedback on what your parents and coaches may have done to motivate and inspire you to stick with a sport or physical activity growing up.  We would also like to know what didn’t motivate you.  We love our Bouncing Bunch fans and hope to hear some great things from all of ya’ll!  Feel free to post away!

There will be a drawing on March 31st, 2014 for anyone who has posted in a chance to win one of our Bouncing Bunch team members, so please put which character you would prefer at the end of your entry!  If you win, you will be announced on our blog so please keep checking because you will have to email us with your contact information and shipping address.  Our email can be found on our website.

Happy Posting!


Spring Sports 2014!! Woot, Woot!!!

17 Feb

Hello all you beautiful people and Bouncing Bunch fans!!!

We have had a couple of snow storms, and some really bitter weather this winter In the ATL, but I think we are on the up and up to warm weather and fun sports activities!

We are about to get really busy here at the Bouncing Bunch and some big events that are on our list involve our partnership with Atlanta Contact Point.   To understand more about this group, please visit our Alliances page and click on the ACP link.  Atlanta Contact Point starts up their Play Day’s again in March! Come out with your children and meet the Bouncing Bunch along with other awesome and health motivated vendors and get involved in some free sports and fun! The first play day starts on March 30th! We will be posting reminders as it gets closer to the date, but please go ahead and mark your calendars!  What better way to start yours and your children’s spring off right then some free sporting activities and healthy food vendors?

For the complete schedule of Play Day’s, please visit the link below.