Motivating Your Children to get Active without Trying! Doesn’t that sound fabulous???

14 Mar

It’s that time of year…Spring has sprung!  And we all know what that means… Baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, oh my!

Trying to motivate your little athlete to get out and have fun in their sport? Look no further, because The Bouncing Bunch is the hottest new concept out there in sports for children! Want to know how????

Look out for the interactive portion of our website coming soon where your little athlete can log in and post their physical activities and be rewarded for it! This will be life changing for parents. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to nag your child to go out and practice for their sport? You won’t have to after this spring!

Be the first to surprise your little athlete with a Bouncing Bunch character so they can get excited for the new adventure coming this spring on our website! Your character will have a directional piece mailed with it that explains the log in process!

Happy Shopping from the folks here at BB!!!!


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