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Atlanta’s Homegrown!

3 Aug

In light of the BB&T Tournament going on in Atlanta, we are currently focusing on all things Tennis.  Woot!  Woot!  We were very excited to see our very own Georgia Bred John Isner defeat Marcos Baghdatis 6-3, 6-3 in yesterday’s match!  Congrats John Isner!!

How do people like Isner get to where they are in pro-athletics you might ask?  Let’s start with the basics.  In tennis, a crucial, but oftentimes forgotten basic is how to hold your grip on your racket.  Just take a look at the link below to understand why grip is so important for your tennis game.—a-grip-on-your-game/17981/#.Vb_nkdLF-BI

Whether your child is trying to become the next Roger Federer, Serena Williams, or just loves to play tennis, grip can make or break you.  This article outlines the essentials and we found it to be very informative for Tennis athletes.

As always, we love to hear your feedback so please feel free comment!

We love Tennis at the Bouncing Bunch!


BB&T Atlanta Open Going Strong!

30 Jul

That’s right folks…for all of you tennis players out there, the BB&T Atlanta Open is going strong.  Mardy Fish and Andy Roddick took Yen-Hsun Lu and Jonathan Marray by storm in a 7-6, 6-4 doubles match on Wednesday 7/29/15.  Mardy Fish has just announced that he will be retiring after the U.S. Open so catch these guys while you still can!  Tickets are still available.

Ace and Vollie will continue to post updates for everyone to follow!

Ace and Vollie play some tennis

Monday’s just became a little more interesting

27 Jul

At the Bouncing Bunch we love videos like this.  These kids are full of life and energy.  The most important thing we should always remember is to never let go of the enjoyment we get from our physical activities.  We want to be the best we can possibly be and that means that you must enjoy what you do!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you you aren’t good enough or can’t do something!

Happy Monday!


Kids? Sports? Or just plain bored? Sounds like you need to read this!

21 Jul

Summer is almost over and you’re thinking, what next?  It’s the time of year when those Halcyon days that we all love so much have to come to a screeching halt.  I remember when I was little and would see those horrible back to school commercials for trapper keepers(remember those?), and school supplies that I wanted nothing to do with, during the rare moments where our mother would actually let us sit and watch some T.V.  Anyway, I hated them.  No more lounging about in bathing suits and sleeping in.  When I take trips down memory lane, I try and forget those.  However, I digress….. Parents don’t get to do that sort of thing anyway, right?

Most of us are aware that with school starting up again, the involvement of your kiddo(s) being part of a sporting program is probably the next thing to tackle on your list.  After all, we wouldn’t want them ending up like good ol Spicoli.

Now, although I am not a parent, I am a former athlete so I do know a thing or two.  As a former athlete, and a child of highly involved sporting parents(a lot of you know the type), I also know that questions pop up with parents as they are considering enrolling their child into a sport or sports program(s).

I came across this article and thought I would share it with you.  Dr. Sally Harris is a Physician in the Pediatrics and Sports Medicine Dpt. at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.  She goes over top questions that parents have regarding children and sports.

I think these are good little pearls of wisdom to have at your fingertips if you are a parent who is ready to enroll your child in sports for the first time or if you are fairly new to sports with your children.

As always, we love hearing your thoughts here at Bouncing Bunch!

How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?

27 Feb

How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?.

How were you motivated to stick to your sport growing up?

26 Feb

Hi Sports Fanatics,

we are trying to get feedback on what your parents and coaches may have done to motivate and inspire you to stick with a sport or physical activity growing up.  We would also like to know what didn’t motivate you.  We love our Bouncing Bunch fans and hope to hear some great things from all of ya’ll!  Feel free to post away!

There will be a drawing on March 31st, 2014 for anyone who has posted in a chance to win one of our Bouncing Bunch team members, so please put which character you would prefer at the end of your entry!  If you win, you will be announced on our blog so please keep checking because you will have to email us with your contact information and shipping address.  Our email can be found on our website.

Happy Posting!

Spring Sports 2014!! Woot, Woot!!!

17 Feb

Hello all you beautiful people and Bouncing Bunch fans!!!

We have had a couple of snow storms, and some really bitter weather this winter In the ATL, but I think we are on the up and up to warm weather and fun sports activities!

We are about to get really busy here at the Bouncing Bunch and some big events that are on our list involve our partnership with Atlanta Contact Point.   To understand more about this group, please visit our Alliances page and click on the ACP link.  Atlanta Contact Point starts up their Play Day’s again in March! Come out with your children and meet the Bouncing Bunch along with other awesome and health motivated vendors and get involved in some free sports and fun! The first play day starts on March 30th! We will be posting reminders as it gets closer to the date, but please go ahead and mark your calendars!  What better way to start yours and your children’s spring off right then some free sporting activities and healthy food vendors?

For the complete schedule of Play Day’s, please visit the link below.


2013 is almost over…wow!

30 Dec

The year is coming to a fast close and we’re so thrilled with all the advancements for The Boucing Bunch!  The book is done… stay tuned for updates on that.  Do you follow us on Twitter?  Please do @bouncingbunch.  We’d love to hear what sports moments were your favorites in 2013.  We’re psyched for the basketball season, indoor swimming, and the Chik-Fil-A bowl happening in our home city of Atlanta on New Year’s Eve!

Happy almost New Year!


Here comes Santa Clause…

19 Dec

Here comes Santa Clause...

Hey all, we’re getting so excited for Christmas and hope you are too. We’re hoping for basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls and more under the tree. What about you? With the nice break in cold weather, we’re walking around and riding bikes too. Celebrate the season!


Kids Holiday TV Specials!

18 Dec

Kids Holiday TV Specials!

OK, we’re all about being active… hence the name “Bouncing Bunch”! But when it’s downtime, and the family’s in for the evening, we believe in enjoying time together and if that’s watching a family movie, the holidays are the perfect time! Here’s some favorites for your family!